Break time

Now that spring is here and the clocks have gone forward, it’s time for a break from blogging. I’ve been doing it with metronomic regularity since the clocks went forward, and now have other fish to fry. For one thing, I’m working on trials of the book in schools as a medium for teaching life-lessons (and more) in an innovative and engaging way. For another, my Science in Music project ‘Change of Mind’ is about to be launched as a means of creating a more supportive workplace environment for sufferers from mental-health problems. So, much as I enjoy writing, there are more pressing matters to be dealt with!

As things stand, it’s most likely that I’ll be returning to this blog once there has been progress with publishing a revised, paperback edition of ‘Old Bunyard’s Philosophick Fables’. In the meantime, I hope that what I’ve posted here will provide some lasting insights into the thinking behind my book, and a useful reference for anyone wanting to delve further into the precise meaning of the stories or their brain-science content. It’s been heartening to learn that even three-year-olds can enjoy the book, and five-year-olds learn from it. Best of all however have been the many comments I’ve had from adults expressing pleasure at the lessons they’ve learned about their own species whilst simply setting out to enjoy some good yarns. In this day and age, there’s never been a better time to understand – as Woody Allen called it – everyone’s second-favourite organ.

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